How You Can Help

Thank you to Vancouver Island Charity Riders who donated $2500 to The TLC Fund for Kids. Check out their Website and learn about the awesome work they do for Kids in our community.


We’re a fun bunch to work with. Bring us your ideas.  We’ve got a ton of experience that we want to share to make your event a success.   Find out how easy it is to raise money to help kids do better. Even a small contribution will make all the difference in the world to the confidence and well being of a child.

A child who is acknowledged early on by the community will become a better, more responsible citizen in adult life.

How can we partner with the TLC Fund in order to help raise funds?

It’s easy! We have proven success working with partners in the community.

Our strategy is simple: If you have a great fundraising idea, and don’t have a specific charity in mind that you would like to donate to, you’ve come to the right place. We will seek out eligible children’s related causes on Southern Vancouver Island which need assistance.

Don’t have time? Then consider supporting some of our fundraising efforts. Please check our Current Events page for upcoming events that may interest you.

Funding application forms are available through the offices of 100.3 The Q! and the Zone @ 91-3 — Top Floor 2750, Quadra Street, Victoria BC, V8T 4E8 — or request an electronic version via e-mail: tlc at The Q! dot fm.

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